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The Woke radicals tell the Trump voters they are a threat to democracy. Think about that. They're saying, "You Trumpsters are a threat to democracy." The woke radicals also tell us ad nauseam that America is systemically racist. Trump knows this is deadly nonsense, and he says so. This charge of systemic racism bounces off Trump because he has no white guilt, or any guilt for that matter. Trump tells his supporters what they already know: They are not racist and they do not have white privilege. The woke radicals shut up those who disagree. Trump will not be shut up. If they manage to put him in jail, he will still roar like a lion. 

Where we went wrong with the COVID-19 pandemic



"Last year, I had a life-changing experience at 90 years old. I went to space, after decades of playing an iconic science-fiction character who was exploring the universe. I thought I would experience a deep connection with the immensity around us, a deep call for endless exploration.
I was absolutely wrong. The strongest feeling, that dominated everything else by far, was the deepest grief that I had ever experienced.
I understood, in the clearest possible way, that we were living on a tiny oasis of life, surrounded by an immensity of death. I didn't see infinite possibilities of worlds to explore, adventures to have, or living creatures to connect with. I saw the deepest darkness I could have ever imagined, contrasting so starkly with the welcoming warmth of our nurturing home planet.
This was an immensely powerful awakening for me. It filled me with sadness. I realized that we had spent decades, if not centuries, being obsessed with looking away, with looking outside. I did my share in popularizing the idea that space was the final frontier. But I had to get to space to understand that Earth is and will stay our only home. And that we have been ravaging it, relentlessly, making it uninhabitable."
~ William Shatner

Population of the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Why 80% of Americans Live East of This Line?

Drone films a bear chasing someone


Why is Biden going back on Israel?

Did You Know These Facts? - Part 4

Did You Know These Facts?

Satisfying Greek alphabet fact. How did I not know??

America's on the Verge of WW3

America’s Debt “Death Spiral” Gives Us $1 Trillion Reasons To Act Now

With Rising Debt, the U.S. Federal Government Is in Bad Company

Fwd: Even Trudeau in Canada changing tune on immigration

Trudeau said temporary immigrants now make up 7.5% of the population, up from 2% in 2017, adding that they need to get the numbers "back under control."

"We want to get those numbers down," he said. "It's a responsible approach to immigration that continues on our permanent residents, as we have, but also hold the line a little more on the temporary immigration that has caused so much pressure in our communities."

The influx of immigrants into Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dire crunch in several areas and has also led to increased rent prices and a strain on the health care system. 

"One of the reasons why we got here in the first place was that (provincial and federal) governments just didn't want to touch this issue out of a fear of looking xenophobic," Mike Moffatt, founding director of the Place Centre, told Reuters in February.

The publication said Canadian citizens supported immigration at a historically high level in 2020, which has since fallen to a three-

Trudeau's shift toward current public opinion on immigration also comes after his challenger, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre, has taken a big lead in many opinion polls in the country.

Amid migrant surge, Canada's Trudeau says immigration there needs to be brought 'under control' | Fox News

$30 million cash burglery

The FBI and Los Angeles Police Department are investigating one of the largest cash heists in the city's history after as much as $30 million was stolen from a San Fernando Valley money storage facility, a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation told CNN Thursday.

The burglary happened on the night of Easter Sunday at an unnamed facility in Sylmar, a suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, where cash from businesses across the region is handled and stored, the source said.

Burglars steal $30 million in cash from a Los Angeles money storage facility – one of the city's largest cash heists | CNN


Burning Cottonwood Fluff

How World War II Began

If, like me, you are interested in history, this video is a very good description of all the events that led up to World War II.

I was glad to see this because I have seen several videos from "Zoomer historian" who is a bit of a Hitler apologist.  He claims that World War II started when England and France declared war on Germany, but history claims that it was when Hitler invaded Poland.  France and England had promised to help protect Poland, so after Germany invaded, they gave Germany an ultimatum to withdraw which Hitler ignored.

"Zoomer historian" also claims that Churchhill was a warmonger, that Hitler didn't want war with England or the Soviet Union, and that Hitler made multiple peace offerings to England after he invaded Poland which the British ignored.

The history is complicated.  There is a big difference between what Hitler said publically and what he said privately.

Germany might have had a historic claim to Austria, which was ethically mostly German.  Austria didn't offer much resistance and the Austrian people cheered Hitler's invasion.  Had Hitler stopped with Austria he might have become a historical footnote.

However, Germany then invaded Czechoslovakia.  Hitler claimed that he only wanted a small part to protect ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia, but he took the whole country anyway.

Had Hitler stopped there he could still have had peace.  Some countries, like the old Soviet Union or China, are smart in how they do this; they will invade one country and then wait decades for things to settle down to invade the next. 

As "Zoomer historian" points out, Hitler claimed that he only wanted a tiny part of Poland that was ethnically German.  However, once again he took the entire country and World War II began.

The Biggest Conspiracy Theory Of All

I heard this on the radio.  I'm very impressed.

Hitler used conspiracy theories to gain power.

Interesting Things You Didn't Know - Part 1

The Most Underrated Invention in History


Is A NEW PLANET Coming?!


Is English just badly pronounced French?


Mental toughness of Donald Trump | Dana White and Lex Fridman

I get the impression that Donald Trump's toughness might come from his desire to be the center of attention.


Before you propose ๐Ÿ’Ž ๐Ÿ’ hacks!

How Disneyworld kills all their mosquitoes!

A way to store more data in less space

Are Humans Still Evolving?

Walmart and Theft

Multiple women online say they were punched while walking around New York City

What LSD Did To Users – 1990s Scientific Study

10,000 Years Ago We Stopped Eating This and It Was a Huge Mistake

Post From 4 Years ago About Video Resolution


Jason Alexander's Seinfeld ‘Chinese Restaurant Episode’ Story

3 Words You Didn't Realize Were Shortened

Old Valentines were so mean spirited!

Retirement in Each of the Fifty States, Ranked

The largest city block in the United States

Stolen Palestinian Land? An Arab Israeli Responds


Cooking for one sucks

IMPORTANT WARNING - Don't Go To Hong Kong Now (Even on Connecting Flights)


The only bloodbath in America right now is the bowels of liberal hypocrisy splattered all over social media

And I genuinely hoped liberal media and politicians had learned their lesson from the Trump presidency and would deal with him differently this time around now that he's won the GOP presidential nomination again.

As comedian Chris Rock told me, the day after Trump's win in 2016, when I asked him why he thought the real estate tycoon had triumphed: "If someone's murdered eight people, don't go around saying they've murdered nine."

In other words, judge Trump accurately and fairly, or deploy absurdly disingenuous exaggeration and surrender the high moral ground.

Regretfully, they haven't.

Speaking in Ohio on Saturday, Trump said if he's re-elected president, he intends to slap a 100% tariff on Chinese cars being manufactured in Mexico and imported into the US.

And he warned: "Now if I don't get elected, it's gonna be a bloodbath for the whole, that's gonna be the least of it, it's gonna be a bloodbath for the country, that'll be the least of it."

I watched the whole extended clip several times so I could assess what Trump meant, and there's absolutely no doubt that he was referring to a bloodbath in America's auto industry.

That was the context of his comment, not anyone being killed.

And the media, and his political opponents, knew it.

But that didn't stop them from instantly pretending he'd meant there would be an actual violent bloodbath of people if he wasn't re-elected.

The Biden-Harris campaign issued a statement, branding Trump a "loser who gets beat by over 7 million votes and then instead of appealing to a wider mainstream audience, doubles down on his threats of political violence. He wants another January 6

Your freezer is messing with your food

Crazy Puffs

The Mission to Bankrupt Trump Continues

The Acolyte | Official Trailer | Disney+


Hospital Visit Made Her Radioactive


Is It Difficult To Trust The United States?


Richard Nixon: THIS Is What Makes Good Foreign Policy

Jake Lloyd's mother tells her son's story and what's to blame for his fall

DEI killed the CHIPS Act

Commentators have noted that CHIPS and Science Act money has been sluggish. What they haven't noticed is that it's because the CHIPS Act is so loaded with DEI pork that it can't move.

The law contains 19 sections aimed at helping minority groups, including one creating a Chief Diversity Officer at the National Science Foundation, and several prioritizing scientific cooperation with what it calls "minority-serving institutions." A section called "Opportunity and Inclusion" instructs the Department of Commerce to work with minority-owned businesses and make sure chipmakers "increase the participation of economically disadvantaged individuals in the semiconductor workforce."

The department interprets that as license to diversify. Its factsheet asserts that diversity is "critical to strengthening the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem," adding, "Critically, this must include significant investments to create opportunities for Americans from historically underserved communities."

The department does not call speed critical, even though the impetus for the CHIPS Act is that 90 percent of the world's advanced microchips are made in Taiwan, which China is preparing to annex by 2027, maybe even 2025.

Handouts abound. There's plenty for the left—requirements that chipmakers submit detailed plans to educate, employ, and train lots of women and people of color, as well as "justice-involved individuals," more commonly known as ex-cons. There's plenty for the right—veterans and members of rural communities find their way into the typical DEI definition of minorities. There's even plenty for the planet: Arizona Democrats just bragged they've won $15 million in CHIPS funding for an ASU project fighting climate change.

That project is going better for Arizona than the actual chips part of the CHIPS Act. Because equity is so critical, the makers of humanity's most complex technology must rely on local labor and apprentices from all those underrepresented groups, as TSMC discovered to its dismay.

Tired of delays at its first fab, the company flew in 500 employees from Taiwan. This angered local workers, since the implication was that they weren't skilled enough. With CHIPS grants at risk, TSMC caved in December, agreeing to rely on those workers and invest more in training them. A month later, it postponed its second Arizona fab.


The Truth about Saturated Fat | New Narrative Review


Nixon's Most Effective Speech


If you could go back in time and listen to this speech, would you conclude that sacrificing American lives in a faraway land was in the best interest of the United States?

This Is Easily the Most Important Speech Jordan Peterson Has Ever Done


I differ from Peterson in that we cannot reliably assume the supernatural.  There are many different opinions on what the divine means, so we cannot reliably assume that a higher power has expectations of us.

We live in a society where we think that people should be good, but not all cultures share this view, or they disagree on what good means.  However, we think that societies work better when people aren't cruel, cooperate with each other, and show compassion.
I don't think that humans should necessarily be sacrificial animals for others.  Taken to the extreme, the individual becomes a slave to power structures.  However, voluntarily caring for others seems to make us better and stronger people.

The best speech I have heard Jordan Peterson give is this one...

He speaks at such a high level, it forces me to pay close attention to keep up.

Nintendo's BIG Reveals For MAR10 Day Are VERY Interesting...

Capitalism is a Result of Philosophy

Disney: Where our failures are always the fault of you being a horrible person!

The time the US government outlawed Sliced Bread.


What Does STP Mean?


Japan Is Hollowing Out a MOUNTAIN



THIS Is Why Only Strong Leaders Invite People Voluntarily | Jordan Peterson

Stephen Hicks: How Failed Marxist Predictions Led to the Postmodern Left

This is a lengthy video.  It makes the point that the early Marxists believed that their theories were scientific and that they could predict the future.   

However, when all the Marxist predictions failed to come true, and following the revelations about cruelty and death in the Soviet Union, the Marxists went back to the drawing board.  They concluded that facts don't matter.  They concluded that results don't matter.  They decided that only political victory mattered.

This conclusion seems like Cognitive Dissonance.   Why wouldn't results matter?  They must think that a free market is so unfair and so unjust that it would be better to adopt a worse system in the name of fairness.  Marxists don't want you to do better, because you won't under their policies.  They want to punish the wealthy.  

One Marxist told me that it is all about who is in charge; they want the people to be in charge.  Funny, I thought that this is the political system that we live in.  The reality is that Marxist governments only exist through force and without exception turn into tyrannical dictatorships.  So much for the people being in charge.

Marxists want group ownership of the means of production.  We sort of have that now.  My retirement fund is invested in hundreds of companies, and so is yours.

If people were perfectly happy, they would not need politics.  However, people are never happy.  It is the nature of human beings to be unhappy about something.  People want the government to fix their miserable lives, but the government can't really do that.  We will never have enough money, and if we try to adopt exorbitant taxes then we will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.   Politicians will promise people the moon, but they can't deliver and never do.

It appears that Alexander Tyler was right when he said, "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury."  So what can we do about this?  I think that it would be good to have Constitutional restraints on federal spedning.

Intel Is Killing The Core i7

Jordan Peterson: Why You Have To Fight Postmodernism

JORDAN PETERSON Testifies to Thomas Massie Regarding Government Overreach


Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson Reveal the WEF's Dark Agenda

Population growth can be a legitimate issue.  We see that in overcrowded cities everywhere.   We see conflicts arising right now out of overcrowded countries.

However, these problems aren't beyond fixing.

Start EVERY Meal With This...

How Are US Soldiers Different From European Soldiers?

The Tide of Science (Climate Change)

This does not rule out positive feedback from water vapor.  As I have mentioned, there is widespread disagreement on the feedback from clouds.  The alarmists think that the feedback is positive, and the skeptics think that the feedback is negative.  Even if the feedback is positive, we don't know to what extent.  To get a runaway greenhouse we would need a feedback of 1 or greater.  That would be a disaster.  However, the figures I have seen have been around 0.6, which means that for every extra degree of warming, you get another partial degree of positive feedback.

I agree with the skeptics on this.  Warming produces clouds.  Clouds reflect sunlight back into space and make the Earth cooler.

Bidenomics is Working ๐Ÿ˜‚!!

Debunking the True Cost of Battery Power

New Rule: Let Your Old Fart Flag Fly | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Who Was The Last British Monarch To Be Murdered?

How Are US Soldiers Different From European Soldiers?

Douglas Murray explains what WOKE is in 3 minutes

Meteor Strike

I already saw the video.  April 13th, 2029 will be pretty interesting.  I would like to get some binoculars and watch the asteroid go by.

On Thu, Mar 7, 2024 at 12:46 AM Albert wrote:
While we worry about high prices, illegal immigrants, the high price of KFC, there's one more thing to worry about. See the video below for details. lol


Random facts Part 108

A Leader's Most Important Asset


For whatever reason, many Nixon videos have appeared on YouTube lately.  What I find interesting is that he conveys authority better than any of his successors.  People looked at Nixon as a kind of father figure.  He ran on a platform of law and order, which people wanted given the chaos of the country.  He was the right politician for his time.


President Trump Just Broke the Internet With This New Ad

0 seconds ago
The video feels like a parody.  The part at 2:22 is reminiscent of a Nuremberg Rally.  

What matters are the policies Trump wants to implement.  We get very little information other than other side bad vote for me.


TRUMP vs. BIDEN | 2024 Election Map Prediction! (March 2024)

How The Media LIES About Israel While Supporting Palestine

We're all confused about Red Meat. Here's Why.


I knew a preacher who dismissed all of science because it always uses qualified statements like, "The evidence would suggest that ...".   This is because science is rarely settled,   Science is subject to change as new information becomes available.  So the preacher thought that science doesn't really know anything.

I look at science in terms of probability.  Trans fats are associated with a higher risk of heart disease.  It doesn't mean that it is the same for everyone or that it is proven, although the evidence is strong enough that we could look at this as a fact.

People can't know everything, so as a rule people just take the best information available to them.


The Dangers of Posting on Social Media | Konstantin Kisin

Probably the worst idea in the history of the space age

Will We Ever Cure Multiple Sclerosis?

Climate deniers don't deny climate change any more


This is a straw man argument.

It is absurd. The political left deliberately promotes falsehoods and then cry bloody murder when people object to their nonsense. 

 The IPCC has shown its bias by refusing to hire anyone who does not already believe in catastrophic man-made warming. This is not how you do science, by starting with the conclusion. Real science is done by looking at the data and seeing where that takes you.

The IPCC has tried to suppress papers by skeptics and even got a skeptic fired from a university. 

 One person who resigned from the IPCC said that it wasn't so much about protecting the Climate as it was about doing away with free-market capitalism. Other people have resigned from the IPCC in protest claiming that they were too biased. 

 Everywhere I look I see articles claiming that the only solution to Climate Change is socialism. At least for some, this is the real agenda. 

It is questionable to claim that everything is rigidly peer-reviewed when the universities have been taken over by the extreme left. 

 Almost everyone believes that the average atmosphere temperature has increased, by a small amount, and that humans are the cause. There are some minor disagreements over the details, but there is widespread agreement on the basics. However, future predictions of gloom and doom are very debatable and scientifically disprovable. The CO2 level is already at 90% of its potential to block infrared radiation. Climate Alarmism depends upon as-of-yet unproven positive feedback mechanisms. If there were some evidence for this I would be on board, but there is a long list of past predictions that have not come true. 

The solutions involve making energy expensive for everyone and denying energy to developing countries.

Ayn Rand: The Real Motive for the Socialist Mindset

The term "Capitalism" gets thrown around and has become a pejorative on the political left.  So maybe we should define what we mean by "Capitalism".

A free market is one in which you get to make free choices.  The opposite of this is tyranny, but no society is either completely free or completely tyrannical.  Being free to make choices includes the freedom to make voluntary exchanges,  to own property, and to do business for your own benefit.

The definition of Socialism is that the means of production is socially or collectively owned.  By definition, the means of production can't be privately owned, which requires an authoritarian state to take away people's right to engage in commerce.   This makes Socialism not only evil, but impractical because it prevents people from acting in their own benefit, and it prevents the innovation that would come from large numbers of people doing business.  It also takes away incentive structures of success and failure that result in a more efficient free market.

One thing that the political right believes that maybe the political left doesn't is that people respond to incentives.  Give people an incentive to not work and they won't work.  Give people an incentive to be productive and innovative and they will be productive and innovative.

These claims are easily demonstrated by looking at how various economic systems have faired.  Far-left economic systems have faired very poorly and have been a disaster for the people living under them.  All you need for a prosperous society is to embrace a free market to at least some degree.

World War 3

I have stated that World War 1 was one of the dumbest wars ever. Most of the people fighting that war probably had no understanding of why they were fighting except for nationalism. A combination of tensions and mutual defense treaties, not unlike today, allowed one spark to lead to an immense conflagration of many combatants. All the elements are there for this to happen again. The difference today is that many of those combatants have nuclear weapons.

However, the Treaty of Versailles that ended the war was very punitive toward Germany. Germany, which had been one of the mightiest countries in Europe before the war, found itself having greatly diminished status. Because of this diminished status, they were willing to back a radical who essentially promised to Make Germany Great Again.

It shows that if people think that they have been wronged then they will put up with an authoritarian government that promises to right those wrongs.

This is the line of the Chinese Communist Party because the Chinese people view the 19th century as the century of humiliation. Western powers, mostly Great Britain, dominated China in the 19th century. There is much resentment in China over this. The Chinese were once a world power, and the Chinese people want to again have high status in the world. The CCP has promised to give this to them, essentially promising to Make China Great Again.

Russia has taken a similar view. In his interview with Tucker Carlsen, Putin claimed that other countries are oppressing Russia, and claimed that the United States wants to control everything. Russia has multiple times been an empire and Putin compared himself to Tsar Peter the Great.

With many countries vying for status, there is great potential for war.

Worse Than Asbestos? | Dr. Scott McMahon & Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

My only concern here is that the health claims need to be backed up by duplicatable peer-reviewed research.

The Secret to a Good Life - Dr. Robert Waldinger


Depending upon self-reporting might not be completely accurate, but the advice given here seems reasonable.

Many factors can lead to ill health, and one variable alone isn't going to control it.

Who Is Antonio Guterres

Murderer Ibarra immigration status adn sponsership

Under Biden-era immigration protocols, Venezuelan migrants can be "sponsored into" America by individuals or groups that are willing to take responsibility for the new arrivals. 

According to reports, Ibarra provided Covenant House, a youth homeless shelter in New York City, as his sponsor to gain entry into the U.S.   

But in an email exchange with this writer, the Executive Director of Covenant House wrote that, 

Covenant House New York did not sponsor Jose Antonio Ibarra's entry into the country and has not done so for any other person.  We do not know how our address came to be on his form, but there have been and continue to be instances when our address is given at the border.

Assuming that is accurate – and I have no reason to believe it is not – how is this possible?  Can asylees simply conjure sponsors out of the air? Does DHS not do the most rudimentary checks into the putative sponsors of asylum claimants?

The sponsorship issue begs other questions.  What, exactly is genuine "sponsorship" based on?  Considering that upwards of 85% of asylum claims are ultimately denied? 

And further: Do sponsors bear responsibility for keeping tabs on those they sponsor?  Including potential legal liability? 


But positing that ICE did become aware of Ibarra's criminal status: What provision is there for a case like Ibarra's? Considering that Venezuela's President Maduro has suspended repatriation flights?  Where does a Venezuelan criminal like Ibarra go? Who houses him in the meantime? 

Has the Biden administration thought any of this through? 

The questions around this crime go to the heart of our current immigration debacle – and we deserve answers.  Apparently, ICE is currently taking the "no comment" approach at this time regarding the specifics of Ibarrra's status. 

Laken Riley's death in Georgia begs big unanswered questions. Here are 10 | Fox News

Looking At The Sun


Exciting decade for computer chips

In the 2010s computers advanced at a snail's pace. Sometimes people got excited when chips were 10% faster from one year to the next.

However, this decade has been dramatically different and it has everything to do with the circuit sizes on those chips. My 2009 iMac that died had a 42-nanometer chip. My 2017 iMac has a 14-nanometer chip. My new mini-computer has a 4-nanometer chip and it is very powerful for something not much bigger than a Whopper sandwich.

In late 2019 both Microsoft and Sony released their latest generation of video game consoles using 7-nanometer chips. Since these have APUs with the graphics "card" built into the main processor, I wanted something like this in a computer.  I waited almost 4 years to be able to get something similar in a mini-desktop PC.

These smaller circuits are not cheap to make The equipment to make them can cost billions. This is why Taiwan Semiconductor, which made the investment, is the number one manufacturer of these chips.

But it has resulted in a paradigm shift where people realize that they don't have to spend a fortune on graphics cards to play games. The APUs are not as good as a $1200 gaming PC, but they are good enough.

This also has resulted in hand-held gaming systems that are as powerful as a computer and can also be used as a computer when hooked up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Even the most recent iPhone can double as a gaming system.

Reportedly, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all coming out with more powerful gaming systems in the coming year. This has been an exciting decade for computer chips.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Easy Pan Pizza ๐Ÿ•

New Evidence Suggests Long COVID Could Be a Brain Injury

'As part of the preprint study, participants took a cognition test with their scores age-matched to those who had not suffered a serious bout of COVID-19. Then a blood sample was taken to look for specific biomarkers, showing that elevated levels of certain biomarkers were consistent with a brain injury. Using brain scans, researchers also found that certain regions of the brain associated with attention were reduced in volume.

Patients who participated in the study were "less accurate and slower" in their cognition, and suffered from at least one mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder, according to researchers.

The brain deficits found in COVID-19 patients were equivalent to 20 years of brain aging and provided proof of what doctors have feared: that this virus can damage the brain and result in ongoing mental health issues. 

"We found global deficits across cognition,"'


I escaped Scientology...here's what Tom Cruise is really like: Mike Rinder

The Gin Craze

The Milankovitch Cycle Timeline: Where are we now?

The Hockey Stick Trial: Science (and free speech) Dies in a DC Courtroom

In a 39-page report, climate scientist Judith Curry gave her opinion that it is "reasonable" to have referred to the hockey stick in 2012 as "fraudulent" in the sense that "aspects of it are deceptive and misleading."

However, Judge Alfred S. Irving excluded Curry's report, which cataloged the manipulations of data to get a hockey stick shape and quoted severe criticisms of the hockey stick made even by climate scientists supportive of the climate-change consensus (most of these made privately).'


The trial closed with Mann's counsel, John Williams, making a naked appeal to the jurors' political prejudices. Williams urged the jury to award punitive damages so that no one will dare engage in "climate denialism" – just as Donald Trump's "election denialism" needed to be suppressed. "In 41 years of trying cases to juries," John Hinderaker wrote on the Powerline blog, "I have never heard such an outrageously improper appeal."


Who The Hell Asked For A PS5 Pro?

I've been saying the same thing.  I also bought a powerful mini-PC that can play games.  All of this change, including the consoles and the handhelds, has happened because of AMD's new powerful energy-efficient chips.  Intel has chips too, but they are not quite as good.

The PS5 and the XBox Series X consoles are 10.28 and 12 teraflop machines respectively.  That is still a great deal of performance and you would have to spend a lot on a PC to match that.

Apple is also starting to push gaming on the most expensive iPhones.

I have no faith in Cloud Gaming, but this may eventually be the future where you can run triple-A games on any device with a screen.