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Are chatbots the wave of the future?

Many people, myself included, tend to latch onto new technology.

So far, I'm not particularly impressed with the current level of chatbots.  They have no real understanding, but do a great job of imitating human conversation.  They only understand the relationship between words in ordinary speech.  The chatbots are essentially a version of Wikipedia that can hold a conversation with you.

That is all about to change.  It can't be far off because there is an AI arms race going on between major companies.  Eventually computer programs will talk to you with some understanding of what they are talking about.  I see a future, possibly within a decade, where your computer or smartphone is your artificial friend who regularly talks to you, keeps you company, and helps you deal with any problem you may have.  Better than real friends.  

It is inevitable.

Right now people are pushing Augmented Reality, and although I don't see much point, it will likely be the norm in a decade.  For me, it would be nice to spend time with some of my Utah friends as if they were in the room with me.

Best wishes,

John Coffey


The truth about Greyhounds

I think that the info about Greyhounds is interesting.  I like this channel. 


6 Ways British and American Grammar is Very Different

There is a difference between "in prison" and "in the hospital". In my state of Indiana, every city or town of a reasonable size has a hospital nearby. So if I say, "the hospital", there is a pretty good chance that I am referring to the one down the street from me. However, the state prison and other major correctional facilities are a long way off and I don't even know for sure where they are. It is hard to be specific.

Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️ The Deadliest Beast Of The Arctic



why you DON'T want foxes as pets


Wild animals don't make good pets.

For example, rabbits tend to be destructive and don't interact nearly as much as a dog or cat.


Why are people not going to the movies anymore?

Building Blocks of Memory in the Brain


This video describes memory formation and retention as a competition between different neurons. 

I have heard this before.

I wonder if more biological processes involve competition between cells.  We know that some cells self-destruct when they detect a defect or an infection.  Competition might be a method by which biology optimizes its functioning.


Structural Racism Flowchart | American Heart Association


The Marxist left has been trying to divide people politically based on race.  The left promotes an agenda where any disparity is due to racism.  Yet, I don't know anyone who is racist.  They claim that although individuals might not be racist, the system is flawed, which is true when we talk about generational poverty.  However, this is the rationale for abandoning the system entirely and replacing it with something much more authoritarian.  This is the real agenda.  It is about power, which the far left wants at any cost.  They don't really care about society.  They want to be in control.

People today aren't responsible for the sins of the past.  Race relations were improving significantly until agitators promoted a divisive agenda.  It wasn't perfect, but we had the most racially harmonious society on the planet.  By comparison, almost all Asian countries are extremely racially biased, and racism in Europe is on the rise.