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In the comments to this video I already wrote:

I am going to concede that Obi-Wan Kenobi has a ton of logical problems. The question is whether it is still entertaining? Most certainly.

There is no shortage of people criticizing this show.   The Critical Drinker goes all out:

As I have already stated, I think that this is a pretty entertaining Star Wars television series.  I think that it is good but not great.  Some of the "logical problems" boil down to the interpretation of events.  There are things unstated that would have had to happen offscreen for it all to make sense.  This makes part of it bad writing, but I'm pretty happy with the rest of it.

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Americans Are Running Out of Water #Shorts


I don't know how much of an issue this really is.

10 Things That Are More Popular Than You Ever Realize


I find myself wondering why instant coffee isn't more popular?  It was very popular in the '60s and '70s.

I like decaf coffee, but I drink real coffee in the morning.  Having to make two different kinds in the coffee maker is more trouble than it is worth.


The actual science of the "industrial seed oil" panic

I get frustrated with all the contradictory health information we hear regularly.  This video does a good job of talking about the science and the arguments on both sides.


Boosters and Covid

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Dunn said hospitals in Utah have been "stable" until this week. The state dashboard reports a 27.3% increase in the seven-day average of COVID-19 hospitalizations, and a 35.3% jump in seven-day average cases in the ICU.

"The silver lining in this increase is that it's definitely not as steep," she said. "It's happening at a slower pace."

Dunn said the increase in cases could be from new Omicron subvariants and vaccination/booster shot immunity wearing off.

"We're starting to see that increase and with that, an increase in positivity," said Dunn. "So we're now seeing 25% to 30% positivity."

She said current positivity rates mirror similar peaks seen in early 2021 and beyond.

"The people-over-people method is up 625% since April 2," she explained. "The testing-over-testing method is up 850%."

Monologue: The Party Is Over | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


"2000 Mules"

I watched the Dinesh D'Sousa documentary "2000 Mules."  (https://2000mules.com/)   Although the 90-minute video is maybe 30 minutes longer than it needs to be, it does a very effective job of making the case that the 2020 election was stolen.

It is almost certain that President Biden won the popular vote.  However, Presidential elections aren't decided by the popular vote, but by the Electoral College.  Because certain "Battle Ground" states were very close, it would have only taken relatively small shifts in five key counties in those states to swing the election.  We have heard about some election weirdness in some of those counties, but none of it seemed like it was enough to claim widespread election fraud.

Apparently, there is geo-tracking data available on all of us that can be purchased.  An organization called "True The Vote", purchased this data, and claims to have found evidence of widespread "mules" who stuffed election drop boxes with votes.  They set a very high bar for what they consider to be "evidence".  We have cases of people visiting 30 drop boxes while going back and forth to "non-profit organizations."  There is no plausible reason for people to visit so many drop boxes.

Most of these drop boxes only existed because of COVID.

The documentary only has videos of about a half dozen people stuffing drop boxes with votes.  This is illegal even if the votes might have been legitimate.  Most of these people were wearing rubber gloves so as to not leave fingerprints.  They also took photographs of themselves dropping in votes, reportedly because that is how they got paid.  The documentary also has a couple of whistle-blowers who explained how the scheme worked.  One person's job was to pay the "mules."

Dinesh D'Sousa crunches the numbers, and even by the very high bar for "evidence" set by "True The Vote", the number of votes cast illegally easily would have been enough to sway the election.  He also goes into detail about the people who funded these "non-profit organizations."

The documentary also finds people in nursing homes who were too far gone to have voted but somehow voted anyway.  One lady in a nursing home said that she didn't want to vote but a nurse made her vote, which is also illegal to coerce someone into voting.

Although I am convinced, my opinion is very much dependent upon the idea that the documentary is telling the truth.  I have little reason to doubt it, but I can't rule out the possibility that someone is lying.



Re: Google employee 100 trillion digits of pi

"Don't be evil."

How much climate change was caused by this calculation?  How many resources were wasted?

Calculating 100 trillion digits of PI is like asking how angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Twelve digits will get you to Mars.

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: Google has successfully calculated 100 trillion digits of π, setting a new world record in the process. This isn't the first time Google has topped the leaderboard. In 2019, the search giant became the first to use a commercial cloud service and solid state drives to set the Pi record at 31.4 trillion digits calculated.

A team from the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons swiped the record last year, pushing the total up to 62.8 trillion decimal places.

Like before, Google used y-cruncher to perform calculations. This time around, the Compute Engine was configured with 128 vCPUs, 864 GB of RAM and 100 Gbps of egress bandwidth. For comparison, the 2019 calculation had just 16 Gbps of egress bandwidth.

The program ran for a total of 157 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes and 7.651 seconds, utilizing 43.5 PB of reads and 38.5 PB of writes in the process.


Fwd: Studies on Mask usage

Correlation is not causality.  You could have more mask usage in higher-risk areas.

Previous studies showed some benefits from mask usage.  If there is no benefit, then we need to know that.  However, I think that there is a pretty good reason why everybody at the hospital is wearing masks.

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If studies showed masks did not limit covid spread, that would be extremely frustrating. If they showed mask use increased covid spread, it would be horrendous.

William Barr | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 125

I heard this on the radio and then watched the video.  William Barr has some interesting insights about the working of the Trump administration and the law.



Alzheimer's discovery hints at drugs to stop cells frying "like eggs"

The work shows how protein clumps long associated with the condition can cause heat to build up and fry brain cells "like an egg," and more promisingly, demonstrated how drugs could be deployed to stop things from reaching harmful temperatures.

The breakthrough stems from the team's explorations in what's known as intracellular thermogenesis, an emerging field that centers on gauging temperature changes within cells. Advanced sensors have made such measurements possible, and the team is the first to apply it to the study of Alzheimer's disease, focusing their attention on one of the prime suspects in its onset known as amyloid-beta proteins.

The buildup of amyloid-beta proteins into toxic clumps is considered a key driver of the neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer's disease, and they therefore receive considerable attention from scientists working to better understand the condition. The Cambridge team had been investigating links between intracellular thermogenesis and amyloid-beta aggregation, and these advanced new sensors provided the perfect tools to delve into the details.

"Thermogenesis has been associated with cellular stress, which may promote further aggregation," said Chyi Wei Chung, the study's first author. "We believe that when there's an imbalance in cells, like when the amyloid-beta concentration is slightly too high and it starts to accumulate, cellular temperatures increase."

Have the Boomers Pinched Their Children’s Futures?


The video is a bit long, but it highlights the problems with demographics and government spending, population expansion, the welfare state, and inflation.

Although the video is about England, it applies equally well to the United States.  Although England has a National Health Service which is unsustainable, around 60% of health care spending in the United States is funded by the government.  Regardless of which country you are in, the government is not going to have the money to keep all its promises.

These kinds of problems aren't unique to the United States and Great Britain.  It is happening everywhere.  China faces a demographic crisis because there aren't enough young people to support its aging population.

I was a little bit disappointed by his Climate Change views, calling it an emergency, but he points out that the next generation will have to produce 88% less carbon dioxide.  This is completely unfeasible.  A great many people are going to freeze in the wintertime.  Far more people die from cold than they do from heat.

Population increase has always been a concern of mine.  It puts pressure on finite resources and makes them more expensive.  The cost of housing has reached insane levels, as have the property taxes on those houses.