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Keys to a Healthy Heart | WholeFoods Magazine

Myers notes that anything from riding a bike, walking around the neighborhood, joining a dance class, or just working in the garden counts. "Doing those things doesn't just help you exercise your heart," Myers adds, "it helps you feel psychologically better, too, which is also important."

Consumers agree: The Lycored survey also revealed that people are consciously trying to introduce calm into their lives. "Four in 10 (41%) overall—and 48% of those in the U.S.— had made attempts to increase their calmness in order to protect their cardiovascular wellness," 

Is Soybean Oil Harmful For the Brain? New Study Examines Health Impact

The researchers concluded that certain genes in the mice that were given soybean oil weren't operating properly, identifying about 100 of them. They noticed one particular gene that produces oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," seemed to be impaired in mice who ate soybean oil. Among those mice, oxytocin levels were lower than normal.

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The DASH diet is more than half carbs, and experts say it's one of the healthiest ways to eat,

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