Re: new thorium fuel

People have been talking about Thorium as alternate nuclear energy for a long time, while others claimed that there are problems with it, which is why it probably hasn't been very popular.  Maybe this Thorium mixed with low enriched Uranium is something new.

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The U.S. Government Made a Powerful New Kind of Nuclear Fuel


Fwd: White house press discussion of pediatric deaths

"You are taking it out of context because you're making an assertion that he's not giving critical information when, in fact, he is and I will underscore exactly what he said," McEnany said. "He said this, 'You know, in some states thousands of people, and they've had nobody young, below the age of 18 like nobody. They have a strong immune system.' That is factually true, you can go to the America Academy of Pediatrics website, the Children's Hospital Association and they list a number of states that have had zero pediatric deaths."

"Yes, it is exactly as I read it to you, that in several states, they have had zero pediatric deaths. I have the entire list here: Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas and the list goes on. As you may not know, Jim, the COVID has a .01 mortality rate for people under the age of 18, so it is not a disease that affects young people in the same way as older people, which is the exact point the president was making last night," McEnany shot back.


Climate Change Alarmism Is Really About Socialism


George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 Million dollars | News Break


I'm seeing "fact-checkers" on the internet claiming that George Soros does not give money to protestors, nor does he fund Antifa.

I claim that both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are engaging in terrorism.  Both organizations tend to be a mix of different but related groups, so it is hard to generalize about all of them.


Trump reacts to the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: She led an amazing life

How Kodak Detected the Atomic Bomb

The public health consequences of this are interesting ...


Dark Matter Is Even Stranger Than We Thought | SciShow News - YouTube


We don't even know if Dark Matter is matter.  We just know that extra gravity exists that we can't explain.  According to Einstein, gravity isn't so much of a force as it is a side effect of curved space-time.   Even while we are still we are moving through space-time, and the curvature of space-time exerts a force on us.  (Which to me sounds more like a cute mathematical model than reality.)

I wonder if the extra gravity could be related to the Higgs field or some as of yet undiscovered field?  

Do Black Holes have Dark Matter in them?  Do Neutron Stars have Dark Matter in them?

Do we still need iodized salt? (what even is it?)

They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?

Fwd: Why I'm Leaving California.

This is interesting.


Return to normalcy

The campaign slogan of Waren G. Harding in 1920 was "Return to Normalcy" after World War 1.

"America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality."

Seems apropos to today.


Retroreflectors; they're everywhere, and they cheat physics (sort of)

I think that this is pretty interesting ...



Fixing Daylight Saving Time Is THIS Easy


I hate this clock switching with a passion.  I've been an advocate of what I call "comprise time".  Since we can't figure out what time we want to be on, let's split the difference and go permanently halfway between.