Fwd: Ukraine

'The agreement comes after five Ukrainian troops and hundreds of pro-Russian separatists were killed as government forces engaged in more than 100 clashes since late Monday night when Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ended a unilateral, 10-day cease-fire…


U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said Russian cooperation will be needed to enforce any cease-fire and stop the fighting…


Pyatt repeated U.S. assertions that Russia has provided fighters, tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems and other equipment to insurgents in east Ukraine. Those supplies began after Feb. 24, when former president Viktor Yanukovych fled Ukraine to Russia, Pyatt said.


"This is a manufactured insurgency supported by the Russian government against Ukraine," Pyatt said. The cease-fire agreement "is only going to work if there are two parties," Pyatt said, referring to Russia and Ukraine.'




If you are able to kill hundreds of insurgents and only lose 5 soldiers, you should keep doing what you're doing until the other side lays down arms…

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