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I am concerned that the article doesn't say who has been doing the killing.

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'"Patients have been shot in their beds, medical and humanitarian
staff have been killed, and hospitals, ambulances and medical
equipment have been burnt, looted and otherwise destroyed," MSF said
in a report entitled South Sudan Conflict: Violence Against

"An already fragile healthcare system has been destroyed in areas
affected by conflict and largely neglected in other areas, leaving
hundreds of thousands of people without medical care at a time when it
is critically needed," the report says.

Patients, including women and children, were shot in their hospital
beds, and medical and humanitarian staff were killed, MSF said.

Raphael Gorgeu, the MSF head of mission in South Sudan, listed the
total fatalities: 25 of the people killed in attacks on hospitals were
patients, 27 were people seeking shelter in the hospitals, two of them
were ministry of health staff and 4 were unidentified people.'


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