Transgenderism and Star Wars

Just watched the fifth episode of the six-episode miniseries, "Tales of the Empire."   I was enjoying the animated show until the characters repeatedly referred to a character with "They" and "Them" pronouns.

A Google search shows multiple sources claiming that this is good grammar.  I disagree.   Even if it is acceptable grammar, it promotes a lie that people are something other than their biological sex.

Although Doctor Who, Star Trek Discovery, and The Orville all recently hit us over the head with their trans characters, I think that it is sacrilege for Star Wars to do it.  Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away.   Transgenderism is a 20th and 21st-century fad, mostly in Western culture.  I think that this hysteria will fade over time.  Reality wins in the end, even if it takes a very long time.

 If someone wants to call themselves a different name, it is a free country. 

My fear is the expectation that you must give lip service to it through coerced speech.  Jordan Peterson initially rose to fame by objecting to speech codes requiring mandatory pronoun usage.   In Canada, he is being denied his license to practice psychotherapy because of it.  The actress Gina Carano had her entire career destroyed because she refused to comply, which led to a several-month-long Internet campaign to get her fired.  When we see other people having their rights trampled on, this creates a fear that this can happen to us, and a backlash against it.

I will still enjoy the series.  However, I watch shows for escapist entertainment.  When a show tries to push an agenda that is at the very least controversial, it is distracting to the viewers.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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