M4 iPad Pro Impressions: Well This is Awkward

The M4 iPad display has a 1000 NIT brightness that can go up to 1600 NITS. 

Considering that my computer monitor is plenty bright at 350 NITS, this seems like overkill.  It would be useful if you wanted to read the iPad in direct sunlight, but how many people need that feature?  My iPhone 10R is rated at around 600 NITS and it is reportedly readable in direct sunlight.


Plus it has a processor more powerful than all but a few desktop computers.  Overkill, which is why Apple wants to charge a thousand dollars for this thing.

The iPad is not a very useful device.  It is more limited than a computer, and less convenient than a smartphone.   

If I want a tablet I can get a lower-end iPad for around $300, and less on Black Friday.  I bought a Fire Tablet on Black Friday for around $80, and even though it is not a very powerful tablet, it can do basic internet tasks,  stream video, and play games.

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