World War 3

I have stated that World War 1 was one of the dumbest wars ever. Most of the people fighting that war probably had no understanding of why they were fighting except for nationalism. A combination of tensions and mutual defense treaties, not unlike today, allowed one spark to lead to an immense conflagration of many combatants. All the elements are there for this to happen again. The difference today is that many of those combatants have nuclear weapons.

However, the Treaty of Versailles that ended the war was very punitive toward Germany. Germany, which had been one of the mightiest countries in Europe before the war, found itself having greatly diminished status. Because of this diminished status, they were willing to back a radical who essentially promised to Make Germany Great Again.

It shows that if people think that they have been wronged then they will put up with an authoritarian government that promises to right those wrongs.

This is the line of the Chinese Communist Party because the Chinese people view the 19th century as the century of humiliation. Western powers, mostly Great Britain, dominated China in the 19th century. There is much resentment in China over this. The Chinese were once a world power, and the Chinese people want to again have high status in the world. The CCP has promised to give this to them, essentially promising to Make China Great Again.

Russia has taken a similar view. In his interview with Tucker Carlsen, Putin claimed that other countries are oppressing Russia, and claimed that the United States wants to control everything. Russia has multiple times been an empire and Putin compared himself to Tsar Peter the Great.

With many countries vying for status, there is great potential for war.

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