Zinc and COVID-19

A couple of sources are espousing zinc for combating the COVID-19 virus. Some people take zinc for colds, which are caused by coronaviruses. Zinc presumably can shorten the duration of colds, but reportedly by only a day or two.

I don't know that there is any evidence that zinc can help with COVID-19. It is pretty easy to get the daily requirement of zinc from diet, especially from meat, whole grains and milk. Zinc can also cause stomach upset.

I have some 25 mg zinc tablets that I originally took for a cold. The daily requirement for zinc is like 10 to 15 mg. Taking more than 25 mg per day can cause problems.

My pills have an expiration date of 2012. However, zinc is metal so I don't think that it can deteriorate. Since the pills bother my stomach, I've only been taking one pill every three days.

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John Coffey


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