Fwd: Iran

'For years, the United States and other world powers have demanded that Iran come clean about its past nuclear weapons research. But with a deadline for a landmark deal rapidly approaching, President Barack Obama's administration is now saying such an accounting of prior military activity would be redundant.. It has the ability to devise a stringent U.N. monitoring system capable of preventing it from cheating down the road…

The U.S. position reflects a calculation that Iran's leaders, including the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will never publicly admit they have lied about their secret efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. That may be true, but the shift has already fueled criticism from some nonproliferation experts, who argue that the United States is yielding on a critical point of principle that accommodates Iranian intransigence and weakens the International Atomic Energy Agency. The shift also places the United States at odds with a key negotiating partner, France, which has argued recently that gaining a clear understanding of Iran's secret efforts to design a nuclear warhead is vital for a deal.


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