Fwd: Chechnya

'Chechnya's Parliament has threatened to send armaments to Mexico, in response to a US congressional resolution calling for "lethal aid" to be sent to Ukraine.

If the US were to supply "lethal military assistance" to Ukraine, the semi-autonomous region in southern Russia would send "the most modern weapons to Mexico" to prompt the resumption of negotiations on "US-annexed territories that now house […] California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and a part of Wyoming," reports the Moscow Times, citing a statement released by the speaker of the Chechen Parliament.

Mexico ceded the region to the United States in an 1848 treaty, ending the Mexican-American War.

In exchange, the United States paid Mexico $15m (£10m), as well as taking on $3.25m in debt the Mexican government owed US citizens.

In the 1853 Gadsden Purchase, the United States bought the remaining areas of what are now New Mexico and Arizona for $10m.'


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