Re: Cell phones causing breast cancer.


Ionizing radiation can knock electrons out of their atomic orbits creating ions, or free radicals, which can damage the cell of the body.  If they damage the genetic code of a cell then this can lead to cell death or cancer.

Ionizing radiation is of 3 types:  Alpha particles, beta particles, and photons.  I think that all three are given off by nuclear reactions or radioactive decay, but we also have devices that give off photons.

Photons are considered a form of radiant energyelectromagnetic radiation, which means that they are force carrying particles.   Electromagnetic radiation (photons) includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation  X-rays and gamma rays.  The higher the frequency, the more energy the photons have and the more likely they could be ionizing.  Radio waves are below the energy level of visible light therefore are not considered ionizing.  I have heard that a tiny fraction of the energy could be absorbed by the body, but the only effect would be that the body part absorbing the energy would feel warmer.

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