Re: China to US Train

'China is considering building an 8,000-mile high-speed rail link to America that would take less than two days to travel.


Travelling at around 217mph, the train would leave the north east of the country, run through Siberia and enter a 125-mile tunnel under the Bering Strait, the shortest crossing between Russia and Alaska.


It would then resurface and head south through Canada, before reaching its destination in the US.


It is unclear whether the American, Canadian or Russian governments have agreed to the proposals.


But engineers claim it would provide a viable alternative to air travel, according to China Daily.


If completed, it would be 2,300 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway, making it the longest train route in the world.

The underwater passage would also be four times the length of the Channel Tunnel, which connects France and the United Kingdom.


Even though the plans have not been finalized, it is believed the project would be developed and financed by the Chinese, who have become global leaders in high-speed rail travel.


The country has constructed the world's longest bullet train network with more than 6,200 miles of routes in service.


In 2012, they opened the world's longest high-speed link between Beijing and Guangzhou.


The 1,428-mile trip had previously taken 24 hours, but trains travelling at 168mph cut the journey to a mere eight.'



... Where is the need?  40+ hours to travel by train.  Maybe 15 by plane. 

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