Fwd: Tawain

‘Hundreds of students remained barricaded in Taiwan's Legislature early Wednesday in protest of the ruling party's push for a trade pact with China, which demonstrators claim will hurt the island.


The protesters, mostly university students, entered the main assembly hall inside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on Tuesday night and blocked the entrances with chairs, according to images and accounts filed from the scene with CNN iReport.


Police responded but had not dispersed the protesters, who also filled the streets around the Legislature in the center of Taipei.


The students said they plan to occupy the Legislature until Friday's session, when the pact was to be deliberated.


Taiwan's state news agency reported that 38 police officers were injured when more than 400 protesters took over the Legislature…


Police said there were more than 2,000 protesters both inside and outside the building, with a equal number of officers on the scene.


"We do not want to clash with the police," said protester and iReporter Shanny Chang, 19. "We just have to let the government know that never try to fool the people."


One CNN iReporter said that after the protesters took over, hundreds gathered outside the building, with some making speeches and singing songs.’




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