FW: Ohio

‘the Columbus Dispatch obtained three prison incident reports from the eve of McGuire's execution that raised the question of whether his physical response to the drugs was genuine.


Two guards wrote that they overheard McGuire — who was sentenced to death for raping and stabbing a pregnant woman — tell his ex-wife that his lawyer told him to give a "thumbs up" sign after the injection began.


"If it wasn't for my daughter, I would really put on a show," McGuire allegedly said, according to the reports, which were also emailed by the state corrections department to NBC News.


Another prison staffer wrote that during a conversation with McGuire after visiting hours had ended, the condemned man told him that the lawyer, Rob Lowe, had told him that if started to "choke or jerk" he would call the governor, get the execution stopped and have a life-saving antidote administered.


"He also began saying that Mr. Lowe told him that if things look bad during this execution that he would be the sole reason that executions will no longer happen in Ohio and all his buddies on death row would be saved."

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The report further quotes McGuire as saying: "He wants me to put on this big show in front of my kids, all right when I'm dying. I ain't gonna do this. It's about me and my kids, not him and his cause!"’




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